Frequently Asked Question's?

Frequently Asked Question's?

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  • Why do I need to see a Spinal Surgeon?

    A spinal surgeon is the complete expert on spinal diagnosis and treatment. The spinal surgeon or specialist has the greatest knowledge of how your spine works and is therefore best placed to advise on all possible forms of treatment whether this is physiotherapy, injections, or surgery. More than 90% of our patients are managed successfully without surgery.

  • Do I need a referral?

    No. Many of the people we see self refer. You do not need a letter from your GP. We are most interested in what you have to tell us. However, we do appreciate letters from anyone who has looked after you such as GPs, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths etc. and will write back to them, summarising your problems, if you wish. This helps to maintain excellent continuity of care.

  • Do you see insured patients?

    Yes. We work with most insurance providers. Please call us to confirm that you are covered by your medical insurance.

  • How quickly can I be seen?

    Immediately. It is often possible to see one of our specialists within 24 hours. Call us and we can advise.

  • Can I bring someone with me?

    Yes of course. In fact we encourage our patients to come to appointments with a friend. Two heads are always better than one when discussing and considering options.

  • Will there be time to ask questions?

    Absolutely. We make a point of giving our patients as much time as they need and we will always encourage you to ask us questions. Decisions are made in discussion and partnership with you.

  • Is my age a factor?

    No rarely. We see a very broad range of ages from children to elder people. Our patients are individuals and we consider them as such. Your overall fitness is much more important than age when considering treatments. We routinely operate on patients well into their eighties and our experience with minimally invasive techniques and advanced regional anaesthetic techniques (avoiding the need for old fashioned general anaesthesia) extends what is possible.

  • Do you offer physiotherapy?

    Yes. We have experienced friendly in house physiotherapists who we work closely with as part of our great team.

  • Do you provide spine injections?

    Absolutely. We are highly experienced in performing all types of spinal injection from neck to lower back and coccyx. It is routinely done under local anaesthesia so injections are completely comfortable and stress free. Real time imaging is always used to ensure injections are accurate and safe.

  • How long will I wait for treatment or surgery?

    Very fast. Typically we can usually arrange simple treatments such as injections within days or surgery within a few weeks.

  • Is it expensive?

    No. You are putting your health problems first and choosing to see a first class specialist in a world renowned centre. We will always be open and transparent about costs so there are no surprises.