• Cervical Spine Surgery

Cervical Spine Surgery

There are seven bones in your cervical spine and these are referred to as the vertebrae. At one end it is fixed to your skull and at the other, it is joined to the thoracic spine, just behind your chest.

Your cervical spine plays a number of vital roles:

  • It protects your spinal cord, which runs inside it
  • The two vertebrae at the top allow your head to move sideways
  • The rest of the vertebrae make it possible to tilt your head and neck
  • Your vertebrae feel the impact of movement, so there is a disc between every set of two vertebrae that acts as a shock absorber to help protect them.

Cervical spine surgery is generally performed to treat neck pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness resulting from cervical degenerative disc diseases or a symptomatic cervical herniated disc. The approach for surgery varies a lot depending upon the root cause of the problem and patient’s medical history.

Although there are some medications available to help with pain caused by cervical cervical spine issues, if pain and disability are severe and unresponsive to nonsurgical treatments, spine surgery may be a reasonable option.

An initial consultation with Mr. Nazeer Moideen is from £200.